Executive Search

In an increasingly international business environment, the executive talent and experience needed to lead competitive organizations will come from all corners of the world.

Fasttrack has been successfully supplying professional HR- and recruitment services to their clients for the last 12 years. As proven executive search and selection specialist - and with the focus on HR-development - based in Ahmedabad (INDIA), we are among the top HR-consulting companies in INDIA. 

We as a executive search firm are specialized in recruiting executive to Top level personnel for our client companies in various industries Our dedicated INHOUSE team of executive search experts strive to constantly provide the highest levels of service and are valued by both customers and candidates alike for their personal attention, commitment, respect and absolute discretion. In other words, we are committed to creating “relationships that make a difference. We focus on the problem in hand and always work in close partnership with our clients. 

To ensure success in a fast changing business world, companies have to make sure they find the right CONSULTANT, use them in the right places and empower them constantly. Likewise, high potentials have to recognise and take advantage of good opportunities for their career. FASTTRACK act at this important crossroads, developing solutions that bring advantages and generate value for both companies and top candidates alike. Our various strategic HR-consulting methods (executive search, direct search, combined search Head Hunting) are coupled with excellent industry know-how, saving clients valuable time and resources in the search for, selection and development of their management teams and helping high potentials find appropriate roles in which to demonstrate and extend their abilities. 

Sourcing Human Capital