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Fasttrack is a full service Executive Recruiting firm with an established network of contacts, domestically and internationally, which allows us to find the best candidates for our Client companies. 

We utilize the very latest high technology to allow us to profile and identify exactly the skill sets that our Clients desire, and to bring those individuals to our Clients interview table. 

With our unique practice of recruiting, we can aggressively target your direct competitors. 

As successful recruiters, we take a proactive approach on Profiling, Searching, and Recruiting peak performers, who are not necessarily looking for a new position. 

Our approach yields an incredible response when compared to the “passive” methods of running advertisements and waiting to see who responds, which are typically the unhappy and unemployed. 

We are extremely proud of our tight 3:1 presentation to hire ratio. 

Fasttrack has a proven track record of 12 years in the business. We have helped numerous companies based within the Country & outside the countries across the world, providing key people to start up or grow international offices. 

For more information on how Fasttrack can take care of your entire domestic as well as international high-volume recruiting needs, please give us a call today: 

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